The scope of your photography can be as simple as creating professional image of your building to generating a comprehensive menu-driven tour of your entire facility.  Businesses determine what scope is best for them.

Architectural and Detail Photography

Good, clear professional images of your business can include exterior and interior photos plus details such as food dishes, special drinks or products.  These images are provided to you digitally and are posted to your Google profile.  Architectural and detail photography is priced at $145/hour.


A photosphere is a 360 degree panoramic photo that is anchored (referenced) to a specific location on the earth.  This is how Google Map knows where the photo was taken and can plot it on Google Map. Users can look all around as well as up and down in a photosphere just as they can in real life.

A photosphere can be created of the interior or exterior of your business and linked directly to your Google profile.  A single photosphere can be created for you for $125 (plus travel, if applicable).  Additional photospheres can be added at $95 each.

Virtual Tours

If two or more photospheres are created for a business they can be connected.  A user can jump from one to the next, virtually touring the area that was photographed.  This can provide more perspective and a better sense what you re all about.

Virtual tours are priced based on the number of photospheres that are created (minimum “5”). Virtual Tour starts at $390.  Virtual Tours become part of your Google profile and are displayed on Google Map, Google Search and your business’s Google+ page.


Menu-Driven Tours

When you do a virtual tour and create multiple photospheres it can be enhanced with a user-friendly  menu-driven overlay allowing a user to easily navigate from scene to scene or jump from area to area.

In addition, information such as descriptions of your business, menus, and photos can be inserted further showcasing what you have to offer and enhancing the user’s experience. Menu-driven tours can be embedded in your website and can add a whole new dimension to your on-line presence.  The price for a menu-driven tour is relative to the complexity of your virtual tour.    They are priced at $195 for set-up plus $35 per scene.


Simple, short, creative videos of your business can quickly grab a viewer’s attention and provide a lasting impression.  In addition to serving as a stand-alone marketing tool, videos can also be integrated with your virtual tour and architectural photography.

The more content you provide the more interest you generate.

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