If no one finds us, we won’t have any customers.  Google Map and Street View|Trusted Virtual Tours are integral parts of Google’s search strategy for local businesses.    These are tools you can use to bring customers into your business.

Everything on Google is integrated with the intent of providing the most amount of information possible at a glance.  You, as a business owner, have the ability to control and enhance this information and drive customers to your business.

The Knowledge Panel

Your  Knowledge Panel, is automatically displayed as part of a search result.  It the most pertinent and valued information that people seek when looking for local businesses. It has your address, map location, telephone number and hours of operation.  It may also have reviews and links to other businesses at the bottom.

You can enhance the content of your Knowledge Panel by adding high quality images and a  Street View|Trusted virtual tour.  The better your content at the top of the Knowledge Panel, the less likely viewers are to click on the links to other businesses that may be at the bottom.  People will be looking so it’s essential that you keep your Knowledge Panel accurate and interesting.

Google Map

Google Map may be the most comprehensive and accurate mapping system in the world. It is Google’s flagship product and will pinpoint your location when people look for you.  Your  Google Map location is displayed as part of your  Knowledge Panel.

Google Map also is linked to Street View where people can virtually drive down roads and highways and see your business. Street Views are only updated periodically so they may not show the most up-to-date view of your business location and may even show a previous business.


Street View | Trusted

Street View | Trusted is Google’s term for custom, up-to-date virtual tours of your business.   If your have one, these virtual tours show up in your Knowledge Panel in a thumbnail called See Inside.  Google virtual tours are custom created by Certified Street View|Trusted Photographers to showcase both the exterior and interior of your business.

A Street View | Trusted virtual tour is linked to your Google profile and can be embedded in your website and featured on social media.

The Why is simple. The more we engage people’s attention, the more they will think of us.

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